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Amazing Race Singapore: A Unique Team Building Experience [2024]

Amazing Race Singapore

Best Amazing Race Singapore
Best Amazing Race Singapore

Looking for a unique teambuilding experience? Look no further than Amazing Race Singapore! This race is unlike any other, and will test your team’s skills and cooperation. Participants will have to complete challenges and solve puzzles while racing through the city. The winning team will be the one that can work together best and overcome all obstacles. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, sign up for Amazing Race Singapore: A Unique Team Building Experience today!

Benefits of Amazing Race team building

The Amazing Race Singapore is a great team-building activity since it offers a variety of obstacles that require a committed team to solve, honing the leadership abilities of remote teams.

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Diversify the team’s ability to solve challenging clues
  • Respect
  • Camaraderie
  • Improve innovative thinking
  • Friendships
  • Embrace cultural diversity

Your team will travel throughout the city as part of the physical race, which will be full of obstacles and challenges that must be faced as a team. A team effort is required to overcome all the obstacles in order to go on to the next site.

For teams who want to compete with their team members from anywhere in the world, there is also a hybrid version of the race that takes place both online and offline.

Physical Amazing Race

Physical Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore
Physical Amazing Race – Amazing Race Singapore

Starting from $20/pax, this physical amazing race will test participants’ teamwork as they attempt to solve a Murder Mystery. Professional facilitators provide the groups with the hints and puzzles they need to complete an engaging team-building activity. Your team members and you will have to race to the finish line in this heritage event in Singapore!

Because there is no limit to the number of participants in this game, The Amazing Race will be held in Singapore. Participants need not worry because the facilitators will divide them into groups.

Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore
Virtual Amazing Race – Amazing Race Singapore

In addition, there is also a Virtual Amazing Race that enables teams to participate without leaving their homes, from anywhere in the world.

This is a fantastic choice for groups who wish to compete in an awesome race with colleagues from around the globe.

Learn about the characters’ pasts and solve puzzles as you go! Own this race with your committed team members under the guidance of your experienced facilitators, which will improve your team’s cohesiveness!

Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race - Amazing Race Singapore
Hybrid Amazing Race – Amazing Race Singapore

The hybrid Amazing Race is a fantastic choice for groups that want to take part in both the excitement of online clue-solving and the physical challenge of a race.

With your pals, take part in a heritage race to win the game! This is ideal for fostering teamwork because it requires everyone to work together to solve puzzles and overcome difficulties.

This hybrid Amazing Race is one of those ideal suggestions you can offer for your upcoming team building because it is filled with distinctive challenges.

You will need to cooperate to win this race because it will require you to search the internet for clues and locations.

Tips when playing Amazing Race

The following tips should be kept in mind when participating in the Amazing Race:

1. Take advantage of the resources around you.

There will be moments when you need to be creative in order to overcome a problem, but don’t forget to make use of the resources in your immediate environment as well. The route markers will direct you to the next location, so keep an eye out for them all.

2. Remain focused and stay on task.

You will often need to use your imagination to resolve a problem, but don’t forget to make use of the resources in your immediate surroundings as well. You’ll get to your next destination by following the route markers, so be sure to pay attention to them all.

3. Work together as a team.

The challenges will be much easier to overcome if everyone is working together. There are challenges wherein you’ll play in your past life and will surely hone leadership skills among remote teams.

4. Have fun!

Everyone involved should find this to be entertaining, so be sure to take your time and do so. Take advantage of the U-Turn of the tasks and explore Singapore with these challenging locales since these one-of-a-kind challenges are rare.

Enjoy the challenges, develop your communication abilities, and participate in these fun activities. Whether or not this is your first time, you can be sure that this session will be difficult and not what you anticipate!

Art Jamming

Art Jamming Workshop - Amazing Race Singapore
Art Jamming Workshop – Amazing Race Singapore

Art Jamming is a brand-new endeavor that is strongly advised to encourage interactions among participants, foster patience, and boost creativity. Participants will be motivated to let their creativity flow during our enjoyable and tranquil art jamming sessions in a welcoming and judgment-free setting.

This class was created to aid teams from all over the world in having fun, improving their communication abilities, and having a successful and interesting event!

In addition, Fun Empire offers a group art jamming that requires cooperation from all participants to complete.

Leather Workshop

Leather Workshop Singapore - Amazing Race Singapore
Leather Workshop Singapore – Amazing Race Singapore

Why not give leatherwork a go yourself if you’re passionate about it? We provide everything you need to get started, including coin bags, card holders, and key fobs. Make Leather Workshop your upcoming team-building exercise right away!

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop - Amazing Race Singapore
Terrarium Workshop – Amazing Race Singapore

Learn how to construct your own terrarium to reestablish your connection with nature! Our classes are a comfortable, small-group setting that makes learning new skills enjoyable. includes all necessary materials. Each team member gets to build their own terrarium and goes home with a finished masterpiece that includes maintenance instructions.

Fun Empire as an Event Planner

Event organizer Fun Empire specializes in providing corporate groups with thrilling races that foster teamwork. Our activities are intended to encourage innovation, cooperation, and teamwork.

We also provide workshops in leatherworking, terrarium building, and arts & crafts. We have created games that will improve your abilities and host a variety of clientele. These games include races, family nights, performance nights, and games like “race around the world.”

No matter even if you have a limited budget only, we will perform accordingly and you will have all the challenges and overcome obstacles in this Amazing race Singapore!

Amazing Race Singapore

Your ability to work together and solve problems will be put to the test during The Amazing Race Singapore. Whether you go for a physical, hybrid, or virtual race, you can be sure that your team will have an incredible time!

What does an Amazing Race challenge involve?

An Amazing Race activity is a physical, hybrid, or virtual race where teams compete against each other to solve clues and challenges. It is a great team-building exercise that tests teamwork and problem-solving skills.

How is the Amazing Race set up?

You will need a location where the challenges may be set up in order to host a physical race. To assist in directing the teams through the race, facilitators will also need to be hired. All you need for a hybrid or virtual race is an internet connection and a location for your team to congregate online.
You must choose the challenges and hints that will be used after deciding on the type of race. This can be accomplished either by creating the tasks yourself or working with a trained facilitator. Make sure that each challenge is suitable for the participants’ age and level of fitness.
Finally, be sure to inform your participants of all the race specifics in advance so that they are aware of what to expect.