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8 Best Archery Tag Experiences in Singapore [2024]

Archery Tag
Archery Tag

Holding over 10,000 successful events and creating about 700,000 happy clients, The Fun Empire has produced many exciting and unforgettable experiences in Archery Tag for our clients over the years.

Among these experiences, we would like to share 8 of the best archery tag experiences ever and hope to have you for your first or next Archery Tag Singapore Session!

1) Adventures of Andrea

archery tag

On May 13, 2016, Andrea and her team headed down to the Cage@Kallang for a Combat Archery Tag Singapore experience with us! Domination and Revival were one of the many popular games that were played during the session and they definitely NAILED it! Both sides showed their intensity and that strong DESIRE to hunt down their opponents! Check out what one of our participants, Andrea, had to say about their heart racing Combat Archery Tag session that she had with us!

We asked her a couple of questions and this is what she had to say.

Q: Hi Andrea! Could you describe your Combat Archery Tag experience with us?

A: The overall process from planning till the activity day was very smooth and the staffs are very proactive. The Archery Tag games were great and we all had fun!

Q: Were the games applicable for team building activities?

A: Yes the games were well executed and everyone liked it.

Q: What do you think of the overall facilitation of the event?

A: Great!

Q: On the scale of 1-5 (1 being a horrible experience and 5 being an absolute good time) how would you rate your Combat Archery Tag Singapore experience with The Fun Empire?

A: The archery tag experience was 5/5! I would definitely go for it or try out other activities again!

2) A Dynamic Game Said Floral

Over at The Cage@Kallang, we had our enthusiastic participants eagerly waiting for the commencement of the Archery Tag session! We had our cheery facilitators to start off with a mass briefing to participants on the use of the bow and the different exciting game modes available! A safety briefing was also conducted ensuring participants were aware of the potential risks of any accidents from happening. Safety has always been our TOP priority so that participants will be able to stay INJURY-FREE!

The Archery Tag game started and the teams played several rounds of domination and revival. The key to winning the game was to have patience and strike only when the time was right.

After, we managed to talk to Floral, one of the participants, and this was what she said about her Archery Tag Singapore experience.

Q: How did you find our Combat Archery Tag session? Was it fun?

A: We had lots of fun!! It was very DYNAMIC and everyone could play. However, as we were split into 2 cages, one of the cage groups didn’t play as many games as each game was running too long.

3) A Pasir Ris Park Session

Seeing that we held a Combat Archery session at the beautiful Pasir Ris Park, The Fun Empire loves connecting with nature too.

archery tag

There is no better way to spend a Friday with your colleagues than playing an exciting game and the Archery Tag experience at the beautiful park.

archery tag

The participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly while shooting and dodging the arrows!

archery tag

Strategising and communicating with your team is a must for every mission. Overall, the team had such great fun with The Fun Empire for their Combat Archery Tag session!

4) Attached to Bows & Arrows

Despite leaving with a newfound emotional attachment to the bows and arrows, Abel and her team got what they came for – an adrenaline rush and a really fun time!

archery tag

Just take a look at how engrossed they are!

archery tag

They never drop their guard, always on the lookout for the opposing team! Shots were fired, but definitely not a single chance was given!

archery tag

5) Fan and Friends

“It was so much better and so much more than we expected!”

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Fan & Friends arrived for their Combat Archery Tag Singapore session dressed in sports attire, with each of them hoping to be the sharp-shooter of the day! Little did they know that they were actually going to be firing at their comrades with our specially designed foam-tip arrows.

archery tag

They played 2 games, Domination (elimination the opponents and emerge victory) & Revival (able to revive their team members). Both games required archery skills, strategy, and communication as they decide, to shoot, or to save.

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Our Archery Tag games sure bring joy & laughter to the players! Can you catch the arrows to save your empire? Or be the sharpshooter and prowl your way to victory! Find out when you book your Archery Tag game session with us too.

6) The Quest for Simin and Friends

The Fun Empire had the pleasure to spend our Sunday together with Simin and her friends learning about combined forces of close friendships and teamwork via Combat Archery Tag.

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The friends cum colleagues played 4 different Combat Archery Tag Games and each game has its own unique set of rules to follow. The objective of each game is established at the beginning and the team has to figure out the best way to accomplish it based on their teams’ skills.

archery tag

Unlike other basic team-building games or activities, Combat Archery Tag is fun, interactive and thrilling. The team will be constantly thinking, moving and planning the next step while avoiding dangers. 

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Combat Archery Tag Singapore is an activity that will keep you hungry for more.

7) Jonathan’s Hunger Games

Whether you’ve been a shooter for years or have never tried Archery Tag, Combat Archery Tag Singapore is a great new way to experience archery!! Jonathon & his friends spent their Sunday role-playing as Katniss and Legolas as they knock out each other using our special foam-tipped arrows. 

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What a fun way to get friends involved with archery as well as enhancing their eye-hand coordination, upper body strength and develop self-discipline!

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8) Alan and Friend’s Awesome Journey

We had so much fun hosting Alan and his friends that day and it was a pleasure to see them dodging our foam-marshmallow-tipped arrows. 

Archery Tag

We first had a semi-crash course before getting ready for the Archery Tag war. They played a total of 3 games in an hour, Domination, The Revival & The Last King. We were glad that the participants found the games easy to pick up and they had so much fun strategizing their next move.

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