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4 Best Archery Tag Game Modes in Singapore [2024]

Archery Tag Games Singapore

Archery Tag Games Singapore
Archery Tag Games Singapore

Have you ever wanted to play dodgeball with arrows? Have you ever tried shooting arrows at a friend and anticipated the thrill of paintball without the bruises? This and more is possible in the frenzied sport known as Archery Tag. As one of the most popular trending games in Singapore, you might have come across an Archery Tag centre and been curious. Perhaps you have even been invited to try Archery Tag but are unsure whether it is your thing. This guide will take you through the four most popular Archery Tag game formats in Singapore so you will always know what to expect and how to make the most of your Archery Tag experience.

Best Archery Tag Game Modes in Singapore

Game Mode 1: The Domination

Victory in Domination mode means exerting control over strategic locations on a battlefield. Teams slug it out, fighting for control over key points, and gaining points by holding areas for allocations of time.


On the Domination map, the two teams start at opposite ends of the field at opposite ends of the field and must fight to control a series of zones. Each player must tag as many archers as possible with their arrows – and must defend the zones they control as they’re up for grabs. Communication and teamwork are vital as the two teams try to outmaneuver each other and control the zones.


This style emphasises teamwork and teamthink; players must plan strategically, think tactically, and respond instinctively during high-pressure moments. Running doesn’t stop in this game, so everyone is on their toes at all times.

Game Mode 2: The Revival

In Revival mode, players can resuscitate teammates instead of eliminating them, helping redefine the decidedly draining genre of elimination play. When all the players are standing together again, they complete the objective and are rewarded. This is a team-focused game as competitive as it is collaborative.


In Revival mode, there is a separate revival zone for each team. When players get tagged, they must retreat to their revival zone and wait to be revived by a teammate (yes, they are indeed waiting for a Zombie to pull them out of their grave). This mode requires a balancing act between an offensive-defensive mentality among players: series attempt to protect their revival zone while at the same time trying to eliminate their fellow Zombies from the game. The game goes on until one team has eliminated the other or time runs out, and the team with more players standing alive wins.


Revival mode encourages fellowship and support among teammates. Perhaps because they have to keep their concentration to stack, they are more aware of each other. Reviving a teammate becomes a fun challenge. The longer players remain active, the more fun the game will be.

Game Mode 3: The Last King

Last King mode, an extremely competitive multiplayer mode, selects one player from every team to be named the King, with the overall objective being to slay the opposing team’s King while defending your own.


Every game of The Last King mode starts with each team choosing one player to be the King. The King is a great asset to each team, but if he’s removed from the game then the team automatically loses. So, each team will try to protect themselves and attack the other team. Players’ arrow shooting skills will determine whether they can ‘tag’ their opponent and create a gap for an attack on the King. It’s an ongoing strategy wherein teams must decide not only how to protect their own King, but how to go after the King of the other team.


This mode hones leadership skills and emphasizes the importance of protecting key players. It also requires strategic thinking and effective communication, as teams must coordinate their efforts to succeed. The high stakes involved in protecting the King make this mode particularly exhilarating.

Game Mode 4: The Tributes

In contrast, the Tributes mode is straight out of a survival game, with its ‘shoot everyone else until it’s you alone’ structure – a multiplayer free-for-all with shifting alliances and strategies.


In The Tributes mode, players ally temporarily and strategically to eliminate common threats, but ultimately there’s only one winner; the rest are the tributes being eliminated. The dynamic can shift rapidly every moment. Players’ fates are in their own hands, and they must consider when to collaborate, and when to betray an ally. Players are navigating a gamut of social phenomena and cues as quickly and subtly as they can, drawing on strategies and tactics such as scouting, observing, forming alliances, ordering, trusting, and more.


In terms of adaptability and social ability, the tribute mode is key. Who you form your alliances with and when you go it alone are key lessons in this mode. In terms of creating strategy, thinking on your feet – moment-to-moment decision-making – happens best in this mode.

Why Choose Archery Tag in Singapore?

Unique Experience:

Archery Tag Indonesia provides a whole different concept of archery game by combining physical efforts with strategic gameplay – an exhilarating yet unique alternative for group bonding activities, where most team-building sessions are likely to leave participants with bruises and sucky memories. This is where we provide you with a memorable time, turning it into an extremely fun experience. Suitable for corporate and social events, Archery Tag in Singapore is ideal for all ages.

Safety and Accessibility:

Everyone’s safety is protected as a standard issue. It’s why Foam Gloves, Facemasks, Arm and Leg Guards, and Foam-tipped Arrows make up the basic equipment for this sport. Archery Tag is great for the entire family. Gender, age, and skill level do not play a role in who participates in this new sport. From the in-office working group to the Publisher Hobbyist, there is a high chance that women, men, and children will enjoy a great time.

Convenient Locations:

Archery Tag is available in several locations, some indoor, and others outdoor. If you are fond of this game played in an open field, or if you prefer to join indoors where the space is airconditioned, the arena where you will participate is easily found.

Archery Tag Games Singapore

Each of the archery tag game modes make the game more interesting by adding advantages and difficulties to archery tag. Ranging from field domination, and assisting your teammates, to protecting your King, and the last man standing, there’s a mode for everyone, including the archery tag masters. If you want the best archery tag experience in Singapore, it is important for you to understand the types of game modes, and choose the one suits you and your team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Archery Tag Games Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

What is Archery Tag?

Archery Tag is a combination of archery, dodgeball, and paintball, where players use foam-tipped arrows to tag opponents in a strategic, fast-paced game.

Is Archery Tag safe?

Yes, Archery Tag is safe. The equipment includes foam-tipped arrows and protective gear to prevent injuries.

What should I wear for Archery Tag?

Wear comfortable athletic clothing and closed-toe shoes. Protective gear will be provided by the game organizers.

Can anyone play Archery Tag?

Archery Tag is suitable for participants of various age groups and skill levels, making it an inclusive activity for everyone.