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Ultimate Guide for the Best Bubble Soccer Singapore Experience [2024]

Bubble Soccer Singapore

Best Bubble Soccer Singapore
Best Bubble Soccer Singapore

Looking for bubble soccer in Singapore? Look no further! In this Ultimate Guide for the Best Bubble Soccer Singapore Experience, we will take you through everything you need to know about bubble soccer in Singapore. From the best places to play bubble soccer to the top tips for having an amazing experience, we have you covered! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to have some fun!

Benefits of Bubble Soccer in Corporate Team Building

Since the difficult game missions require a lot of effort, bubble soccer is a great approach for groups to develop communication and teamwork.

Employees that are put in a bubble depend on one another to finish projects and reach goals. This might improve communication and teamwork. To fill the air, you can also engage in thrilling bubble bump activities!

Additionally, because it involves atypical game play and includes analysis, bubble soccer is a fun and intriguing approach to promote camaraderie among coworkers.

It’s ideal for team-building activities or business trips. Playing bubble soccer will be a lot of fun for the staff, and they’ll get to know one another as they work together to complete the game’s goals.

There is no better hobby if you want to expand your business than bubble soccer.

What is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer Singapore
Bubble Soccer Singapore

As a result of its popularity in Norway, Bubble Soccer was developed to be a fun and safe game with its playing environments, where players are protected by inflating bubbles that resemble zorbs from harming their upper body and head. fantastic team building for businesses!

The success of the fun bubble soccer event is largely attributed to the tools that are available, the participants’ wide range of options, and the various bubble soccer packages that are offered.

If playing bubble soccer is your thing, you’ll surely enjoy yourself. Whichever adventure game option you select, as long as you complete the assignment, doesn’t matter. Any encounter with a bubble bump is exhilarating, and careful strategic planning is always required.

With your friends, you’ll love playing a game where you can bump, collide, flip, and smile. The best technique to enhance coordination, individual strengths, and team chemistry.

These Bubble Soccer games are ideal for any get-together, team-building exercise, or party if you’re seeking for icebreaker activities. Additionally, it won’t have any complicated rules or time restrictions, making it simple to play. Additionally completely safe and appropriate for players of all ages, the game!

Why are you waiting? These are the same casual, entertaining games even if there are several bubble soccer game modes. Play bubble soccer while wearing these adult-sized bubble suits.

How much does it cost for a game?

Bubble Soccer Singapore
Bubble Soccer Singapore

Bubble Soccer in Singapore is quite affordable, only $20 per person. This price covers the field, bubble suits, and balls.

The cost of a party at Fun Empire is comparable for various events, including Birthday Parties, School Event Experience, Team Building, Casual Fun Games (where you can play the thrilling game of bubble soccer with your friends or coworkers), and Casual Fun Games (where you can anticipate a one-and-only celebration).

Types of Bubble Soccer Singapore games

Bubble Soccer Singapore
Bubble Soccer Singapore

Each Bubble Soccer game has unique goals and can be played in a number of different ways.

Bubble Bump Invasion:

In order to play safe “Rugby,” all of a team’s players must be in the opponent’s penalty area at once. The first team to have all of its players in the opponent’s penalty area simultaneously wins 1 point.

Bubble Bump Soccer:

The most well-known game in the world is given a novel twist in Bubble Bump Soccer. Each person is shielded from harm by an inflated bubble that covers them from the knees up. Soccer players must work together in order to advance the ball to the goal and score.

Bubble Bump Zombie:

Humans vs Zombies – Can you withstand the end of the world? Bubble Bump Zombie depicts the ultimate struggle between good and evil. Players must prepare for their life by protecting themselves from being overthrown by hungry zombies.

To keep their team alive, participants would need to use their strategic planning abilities. Will you be the final survivor?

Locations to play Bubble Soccer in Singapore

Bubble Soccer Singapore Locations
Bubble Soccer Singapore Locations

The following locations are Fun Empire’s partner locations to play Bubble Bump:

The Cage @ Kallang – 38 Jalan Benaan Kepal, Singapore 399635

  • 6 fully sheltered futsal pitches
  • Huge fan available
  • Female & Male Shower facilities available per pitch

Premier Pitch @ Turf City – 200 Turf Club Road S(287994)

  • 4 fully sheltered futsal pitches
  • Female & Male Shower facilities
  • Car park available

Futsal Arena @ Yishun – 32 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768809

  • 5 fully sheltered futsal pitches
  • Huge fan available
  • Female & Male Shower facilities available per pitch

The Cage @ Kallang – 28 Jalan Benaan Kapal, S(399635)

  • Stadium MRT (Within Walking Distance)
  • Non-Peak Period: Weekdays (Before 6pm)
  • Peak Period: Weekdays (After 6pm). Weekends. Public Holidays
  • Fully Sheltered Pitches
  • Shower Facilities Available
  • Parking Available (Chargeable)

CharisTurf @ Eunos – 11 Jalan Ubi, S(409074)

  • Eunos MRT (Within Walking Distance)
  • Non-Peak Period: Weekdays (Before 7pm)
  • Peak Period: Weekdays (After 7pm). Weekends. Public Holidays
  • Fully Sheltered Pitches
  • Shower Facilities Available

Parking Available (Chargeable)

If your party or event doesn’t seem to work in one of these areas, FunEmpire can help you plan the Bubble Soccer game no matter where you want it to happen.

Why choose Fun Empire to play Bubble Soccer Singapore

Fun Empire is your only Bubble Bump Singapore and only Bubble Soccer provider. As a reputable bubble soccer provider, you can have your event experience custom tailored, you can choose your preferred event venue, and be guaranteed the cleanest bubble soccer suits. Plus, be guided by professionally trained facilitators.

These Bubble Soccer events are ideal for enhancing group dynamics since they provide an opportunity for team building away from the usual workplace environment.

Bubble Soccer

Why wait any longer? Try Bubble Soccer with your friends or coworkers today! Your experience with Bubble Soccer Singapore will be a memorable one.

How much is a game of bubble soccer?

Bubble soccer is reasonably priced, starting at $20 per participant. The location and duration of the game will determine how this changes.

How many players are necessary for bubble soccer?

To play bubble soccer, you’ll need at least ten players. The game is more entertaining with more participants!