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Cohesion Idea: Archery Tag

Cohesion Idea

Cohesion Idea
Cohesion Idea

Archery Tag is a blend of dodgeball and archery, with different rules than the two games alone. When an “archer” shoots an arrow at the other team’s players, they must stay still until they are struck by the arrow or for 10 seconds.

When they are hit, the player immediately becomes a spectator for the rest of the round. Depending on how many people participate in the game, it might have anywhere from 4 to 8 rounds!

We are the most well-known Combat Archery Tag Singapore service provider. To guarantee your safety and comfort while visiting, our award-winning Combat Archery Tag Singapore experience uses archery with specialized foam tipped arrows to provide maximum protection and ease. For every age and any sort of Combat Archery Tag game, we have a variety of games on all sorts of platforms to suit your needs. With the world’s most extensive library of Combat Archery Tag games, we offer for all types of games appropriate for every age and interest.

Perfect For Family Bonding & Celebrations.

Archery games is available to play in both indoor and outdoor settings. This fast-paced, action-packed archery tag session is for everyone 9 years of age and older. This makes it one of the greatest family-friendly team building games for a birthday party or team building event. Prepare for a thrilling, action-packed bow and arrow game that’ll thrill everyone! It’s your chance to be as brave as Katniss or Robin Hood in Archery Tag!

Enhances Teamwork Spirit.

One of the ways that the game fosters team spirit is by forcing the players to work together. This may be seen in a variety of situations, one being when gamers are getting their equipment ready ahead of a game or attempting to avoid getting tagged during a round. Another game method of boosting team morale is to force players to trust one another. If an archer misses a shot, for example, the opponent may gain an advantage by tagging the other archers. The Fun Empire provides party planning for up to 8 people!

Cohesion Idea

Archery Tag is a fantastic way for the whole family to have fun. The Archery Tag Singapore experience with The Fun Empire should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for an exciting game that anybody can enjoy! This exciting and entertaining Combat Archery Tag game will have everyone amused (particularly children) for indoor birthday parties, outdoor celebrations, or team building events! So, what do you have to lose? You may book online or call us now. Other activities offered include Laser tag.

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