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There Is No “I” in “Team” [2024]


As the saying goes: There is no ‘I’ in team. Group effort is always needed for every team to succeed and anyone who is selfish or refuses to cooperate would jeopardize the entire team’s operation. Especially if you are managing a team, always know that not everything revolves around you. Your team is essential in bringing you success.

Here’s why the saying actually became popular:

Ask, don’t Instruct

Always ask your employees nicely if you need them to do something for you. Long gone are the days when you just instruct them to do tasks as more and more jobs are created. Your employees can change their jobs easily if they feel like they are not appreciated under the piling workload. Asking nicely makes them feel needed and they would be more willing to help with extra workload!

Be Firm, not Intimidate

If your employee has not been performing well, try to understand what he’s going through and be firm about his performance, not intimidate him. There is a difference between scolding firmly and intimidating them. Intimidation does not work nowadays, especially if your employee is a specialist in a certain field, his position might not be something he needs in your company. Don’t ever assume he will stay on permanently through intimidation.

If you think that you have been too harsh on your team, maybe you could take a step back and be nicer to them. Treat them to a meal, or even have team building games or events such as Archery Tag and Bubble Bump to help your team bond again!