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5 Fantastic Things To Do Singapore in 2022 [2024]

Things To Do Singapore

Best Things To Do Singapore
Best Things To Do Singapore

If you’re looking for Things To Do Singapore in 2022, look no further! This blog post will provide you with a list of 5 awesome things to do that you can enjoy in the city-state. From exploring the nature reserves to dining at world-class restaurants, there’s something for everyone here. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your sg activities today!

Singapore Night Safari

Sing’s night zoo is the world’s first, and it has everything to play at night (but who said it was dull, hey). The Safari Park at Night is the home of animals that live and hunt at night, so you may feel as though you’re with the hunting Animals on this tour. With gentle species like giraffes, they may freely rove in the garden, and baby tiger will be behind the fence, completely secure.

There’s also a somewhat intriguing screen at dinner with animals in Night Safari. It was a culinary experience on the Gourmet Safari Express tram in brilliant light. I’m still eating, drinking cocktails, and watching the lovely creatures beside me. However, this may only be reserved in groups of 15 or more people (199SGD per adult).

Esplanade Theater

The theater, as the name implies, stands out like a durian on the beach from afar. The name of this place should be translated as “architectural complex” since it is not only a theater, concert hall, studio, but also linked to the huge subterranean shopping center that is accessible to the public. The main purpose of the Esplanade is still to host art performances and art exhibits, as well as other shows and exhibitions, but on many afternoons throughout the summer, young people, the elderly, and children visit the theater’s outdoor area to eat and drink, relax, watch shows, skateboard or attend flea markets.

Merlion Park

Singapore is said to have begun as a fishing settlement known as Temasek, which means “sea town” in Old Javanese. Singapore was formerly known as Singapura, which means “lion city” in Malay. The lion with a fish body, which stands tall with an 8-meter body and sprays water 24 hours a day, is the symbol of Singapore.

Visiting the islands

Take in one of Singapore’s newest experiences, Coney Island. This freshwater island, located on the northeast coast of Singapore, is easily accessible from Punggol Point Park and is ideal for cycling and birdwatching. Other stunning islands to explore include Lazarus Island and Pulau Seringat, which are joined together and part of the South Singapore Archipelago. Take a boat trip from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island, where beautiful beaches await.

Local brands shopping

At boutiques such as In Good Company at ION Orchard and SABRINAGOH at Raffles City Shopping Centre, you’ll see Singapore’s local design talent and indie foreign brands. Or, if you’re feeling more daring, visit Sects Shop by Depression and SUPERSPACE in orchardgateway to discover stylish clothing, modern styles, current trends, and more. If you’re on a budget, head to Mecca at Queensway Shopping Centre, and if you want to shop for designer labels at a discount, check out IMM Jurong, where you’ll find Charles & Keith, Adidas, and COACH.

Things To Do Singapore

Here’s 5 fun and interesting things to do Singapore 2022. From visiting the Night Safari to exploring local brands, there’s something for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your best things to do Singapore today! Thanks for reading!

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