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4 Tips to Beat the Monday Blues [2024]

Monday Blues
Monday Blues

Your weekend was a blast! And now, it’s back to work on a Monday morning and you suddenly feel sluggish as the Monday Blues start creeping in. It’s hard to get back to work, and seeing the pile of undone work sitting at the side of your table is starting to make you reconsider your job. Going back to work on a Monday can be made better with these few tips!

Plan ahead on Sunday night

Get ready your outfit for Monday, and plan what to eat on Monday. All these planning for the next morning would definitely take away the stress of having to choose your outfit and even preparing for breakfast! Be sure to reset your alarm too if you changed it for the weekend to make sure you wake up on time!

Prepare Monday’s to-do on Friday

Always making a priority list on Friday for Monday would definitely help you ease back in on Monday when you get back to work and face the pile of undone papers.

Don’t sleep in

Instead of sleeping in on weekends to ‘catch up on your sleep’, keep your sleeping cycle the same as weekdays and wake up early. Having a consistent body clock helps you wake up on Monday without feeling too groggy and continue feeling afresh!

Listen to upbeat music

Happy and upbeat music has been proven to lift people’s spirits up on a gloomy day. Listen to this kind of music in the morning before work to drive away those Monday Blues!

Don’t skip breakfast

If you are not used to eating breakfast in the morning, it is time to break that habit! Eating breakfast in the morning helps to jump-start your body’s system by giving it fuel and make you more energised in the morning. Not only so, it helps with weight loss as research has shown that eating breakfast reduces the amount of food you eat in a day!

Plan team building activities on Mondays to beat Monday Blues

If you realise it’s not just you who’s having Monday Blues, treat everyone to team building activities on Monday to lift the mood and make work exciting! Team building activities like Combat Archery Tag and Bubble Bump not only gives you and your colleagues a good workout but also have time for bonding.

Consider having Combat Archery Tag Singapore as your team building activity today.