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5 Places to learn Archery in Singapore [2024]

Learn Archery
Learn Archery

Although archery is not a common sport in Singapore, it has slowly becoming more widespread as more people are taking up the sport. You can only go to certain archery gyms or schools to learn this special sport, and although it is less common, it is definitely a great skill to pick up! Without further ado, here are a few places that you can learn archery!

CCAs in Schools

If you are still a student, learning Archery in school is your best bet as you would be able to receive quality training and even have the chance to enter competitions. However, not every school might offer the sport, so do check the school prior to choosing!

ACE Archery

ACE Archery offers archery classes for schools and also CCAs, where students are able to learn archery in school. They also provide courses for mini groups!

Flaming Arrows Archery Club

Flaming Arrows Archery Club provides courses to those who are interested in archery, and those who are interested are even able to progress to higher levels, and even play in competitions. They also organise archery events for birthdays for a mini party.

Arcarius Archery Club

Arcarius Archery Club is open on Sundays, and you can go down to do some archery. They even accommodate people with different proficiency levels, from beginners to pros alike.

BONUS: Combat Archery Tag

Have you heard of Combat Archery Tag Singapore? It’s using archery to fight against your opponents to emerge as the winning group. Players are required to shoot their opponents to eliminate them from the playing field. But don’t worry—it’s perfectly safe. The foam tip of the specially customised arrow is safe, and players are required to wear headgear to protect their heads too. It’s a fun activity for all ages, and best part is, you don’t even need to have prior experience in archery!

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