5 Facts About Combat Archery

August 17, 2017


Archery was derived from the Latin arcus that means ‘bow’ or ‘arch’. In the olden days, archery tag was used for hunting and combat. However, things took a turn over the years. Archery became a sport where people shoot competitively or as some would chose to play it recreationally.


You would normally watch people off the screen competing in archery at the Olympic Games or SEA Games. Have you ever thought of trying it out someday? The way the bows are held, how you would shoot the arrows, targeting the boards, and feeling the burn on your arms after being in the same position for a long time.


There’s no need for sign ups to join a professional team just to get the feel of archery. Let alone playing it recreationally. Today, you can play archery for fun! Let us introduce you to combat archery where you can play it as a game instead of a sport. We also provide you facilitators that are well trained in the game so you’ll be free from worries as to how the game would be conducted.


Before going into the game, you might have a thousand of questions running through your mind. Must I be fit to play this game? Does it hurt to get hit? What if I wore spectacles? Will this be a great team building game? What happens to the game when it rains?


We’ll share with you 5 facts about Combat Archery Tag:


1. Choose your location

Indoors? Outdoors? You take your pick! If you have a backyard big enough to accommodate to 10 people for each game, then it’s on. What about playing it by the beach? Possible too! Maybe being under the sun is not really your thing and you would prefer staying indoors. Fret not! We have 2 sheltered locations on standby and they are the futsal courts. Not only that, the courts also serves as a back up plan for rainy days. The game is always on, anytime and anywhere!


2. Absolutely safe

Unlike competitive archery, combat archery tag is safer. The arrows used for competitive archery will pierce through the board. As for combat archery tag, we use arrows that are covered with foam at the tip. We’ve tried playing with it and it’s a guarantee that nothing will pierce through your body in the game of combat archery. Furthermore, each person will be given a mask to wear so that your faces will be protected. You are able to see through the mask, as it is clear on your eye level. It’s also not suffocating with holes near your nostril, allowing some form of ventilation. Remember to inhale and exhale while you’re playing the game!


3. No perfect eyesight? No problem

The rule of combat archery doesn’t include that those wearing spectacles can’t play the game. Truth is, you still can! It’s also alright if you wear your spectacles while you have the mask on. However, we would recommend removing your spectacles only if you’re able to still see without them on. Just so that you won’t feel as though there’s another object blocking you from a clear vision of what’s ahead. It’s best if you could wear contact lenses during the game! No fuss and definitely saves time!


4. Tests your precision

Perhaps you’re not too good at aiming the centre of a board. Who knows you might be better at aiming actual humans? You never know until you try playing combat archery! It’s the only exception where you can target your colleague without looking too aggressive. The key to combat archery is to be precise when you’re shooting. Don’t aim too high, but not too low either. Keep a lookout for your target, aim at the right person, and shoot quickly! At times, you’ll miss the shot because your opponent dodges very fast. Collect the arrows that you see lying on the floor and prepare to attack. Just remember to aim at the upper body and not elsewhere!


5. Great team building game

There are several games that you can play with combat archery. For every game, there are different purposes that each team will fulfil. This includes working on their communication skills, strategising, leadership, teamwork, and more. Each group would come up with a plan and the leaders would delegate the roles of each player. For instance, having a bow and arrow in hand doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be shooting at the same time. Some could be hiding behind the bunkers and while they remain hidden, their partner could be collecting the arrows that are coming their way or those on the floor. Every member in your team counts and you have to ensure that all of them have the same goal in mind. Be it to win or shoot as many people down. After all, teamwork makes the dream work! Don’t forget to have fun since it’s a healthy competition!


Do you think you have what it takes to be an archer for a day? Perhaps you’ll be enlightened after learning what combat archery is about. Wait no more, make your reservations with us now! 

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