5 Different Types of Combat Archery Tag Games

October 6, 2017

Combat Archery Tag is one of the best and unique team building games out there. You don’t even need to be skilled in archery to claim the victory title or let alone, play it. This high energy and adrenaline-pumping game play is perfect for corporate team building games or even birthday parties. If you’re not pumped yet, let us get you hyped with the 5 different types of combat archery tag games:


Combat Archery Tag Game #1: Domination

Domination is the most classic game of all time and it is the easiest to pick up too. The objective of this game is to tag as many players from the opposing team and have them eliminated. It is considered a tag when the arrow with foam tip hits any part of your body, clothing, or mask. However, it is best to avoid tagging someone on the head. The winning team belongs to the one with the most number of players left on the pitch.


Combat Archery Tag Game #2: Revival

The revival game is played similar to domination but with additional rules. The concept of eliminating the most number of players from the opposing team remains in the game. Once your friend gets tagged, he or she will step out of the pitch until someone revives them. The steps to revive your teammate are pretty simple. There will be 2 foam boards placed in the middle of the pitch and each team will own one. Shoot a foam board out and you will be able to revive one of your teammates back into the game. If there are 2 teammates out then you simply have to knock down 2 foams. Before starting the game, you might want to strategise ways to win your opponent. Tip: knock down your opponent’s foams so that they won’t be able to revive their teammates when they’re tagged.


Combat Archery Tag Game #3: The Last King

The title of the game speaks for the objective of the game. There will be 4 members in each team and 1 appointed King. With the exception of the Kings, everyone else will have a bow in possession. The Kings will put on 3 bibs to represent the 3 lives that they have in the game. On the other hand, archers only have 1 life so you cannot risk getting tagged by your opponent. Each team will have 5 foams that are placed in the middle of the pitch at the start. The King’s job is to basically get the foams back into their boards. The first team to fill up the board or gets their opponent’s King eliminated will win the game! Be very careful of your enemies and protect your King at all cost.


Combat Archery Tag Game #4: Mission Impossible

Believe it or not, mission is still possible in this game. Each penalty box will have a padlock that contains a bomb. Your team will need to figure out the code to unlock the padlock before claiming victory. There will be 4 numbers placed on the pitch for you to test the correct combination. It is a trial and error game so everyone needs to get his or her head in the game. Truth to be told, the game is not as simple as that. You will still go around tagging your opponents. This game also gives you the freedom to cross over to your opponent’s base but you cannot tag them in that moment. The winning team goes to the first team who manages to unlock the padlock and “diffuse” the bomb!


Combat Archery Tag Game #5: League

Lastly, the League is a super fast paced game that will keep you on the ball of your feet. In League, you will not get eliminated even if the arrow hits you. You win this game based on the scoring system. One point is awarded if you managed to tag your opponents on the body, clothing or mask. However, to receive 2 points, you can knock down your opponent’s foam boards or catch your opponent’s arrow on mid

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