5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest In Team Building

January 17, 2018



Team building is one of the most dreaded activities by employees. Many staff and even managers wonder, how can you expect one day of games bond colleagues together and improve relationships by a tremendous amount? Furthermore, boring team building games take all the fun out of the experience. However, meet any renowned leader and they will tell you the same thing – team building is an integral part of any successful company. Here are 5 reasons why your company needs to invest in team building now!


1. Goals are achieved


In a team building environment, the objectives and rules of the games are made clear to the team at the start of the session. This means that the team has a goal to work towards during their team building activity, and tasks will be delegated to each member so they can achieve their common goal. Such a practice will be translated to better work performance where team members are comfortable with working with one another to reach a certain target set by their superior!


2. Encourage competition


Nothing drives an underperforming team to do better than some healthy competition. During team building activities, your team will be pit against an opponent team. Whether they win or lose, chances are they will be fuelled to perform to their best ability! This boosts team morale and will encourage team members to do the same during work too! Competition has also been shown to increase production, which will improve work efficiency as well.


3. Shared sense of achievement


Unconventional and unique team building activities such as cooking classes are all-inclusive, unlike certain games that only allow for one or two players to be in charge. Therefore, when a certain task is successfully completed, a feel good factor runs through the group and everyone shares the joy! This is beneficial to businesses as it fosters a mentality to win repeatedly, encouraging similar work place performance. When your team members complete a project together in the office in the future, they will gain that same shared sense of achievement too.


4. Build face-to-face interaction


Most of the times when we are tasked to work together with our team members, we communicate through email or online chats to delegate tasks. However, communicating face-to-face can minimise confusion, and even make working together more pleasant as you get to discuss and keep ideas flowing! Our decentralised work spaces these days rob these interactions away from us, but this must not necessarily be the case. During team building activities, face-to-face interaction is fostered as you often have to discuss strategies and whatnot. This will hopefully translate to similar interactions in the office, where you communicate more effectively in real life to discuss work related issues.


5. Encourage problem solving


When we are participating in team building activities, we often have a strategy in mind. However, not everything will go our way! More often than not, there will be unpredictable situations where someone or something messes up. Team building games are thus a good practice to train your team to tackle unexpected problems together! Your team will then be used to coming up with solutions on-the-go, and this skill will definitely come in handy in the work place.

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