The Most Popular Team Building Games In 2018

January 17, 2018





Team building games are meant to be fun. If your employees are not enjoying it, chances are you have picked the wrong activities. Companies conduct team building with an objective that employees will get to know each other better, improve on communication, and problem-solving skills. In return, we all hope that these qualities can rub off in the office. To those looking for team building games, here’s a list of the most popular activities you should consider in 2018!


1. Copy My Lego


The aim of this game is to replicate your opponent’s Lego structure in just 10 minutes. Separate everyone into two equal teams and assign them to go into separate rooms. Each team will be given an equal set of Lego blocks and to build a structure of their choice. Once that is done, a member (spy) from each team will go over to their opponent’s room to fully absorb the design and rebuild that design. The spy has the responsibility to lead the team by communicating well on how to build the Lego structure. Thus, he must remember details such as the colour and block types to ensure that the design is as close as it can get. The team with the most similar Lego structure wins!


2. Karaoke Night


You might be sitting right across this person but have never gotten the chance to get to know them better. They may have hidden talents that you are not aware of too. Team building games like a karaoke night can be an icebreaker for you to get to know the person on a more personal level. You can get people to sing individually or separate them into groups. Kick it up a notch by including a contest to the karaoke night party. The team who performs the best wins and gets a prize!


3. Cooking Classes


The safest pick to a team building game is enrolling in a cooking class. Besides, everyone loves food! Through this cooking session, you will learn how to make luxury dishes with the help of your colleagues. This is also the perfect place to break all hierarchies by asking the admin person to be the head chef while your boss prepares all the ingredients. The aim is to create the most aesthetically pleasing and tasty dish as fast as possible. Though you would not be rewarded with prizes, the reward of tasting your own cook is much better!


4. Combat Archery Tag


If you have got a sporty team on board, try combat archery tag for your next team building game! With the bow and arrows, you are going to shoot at your opponent. Not to fret, as the arrows are foam padded and you can go about shooting. There are several gameplays to combat archery tag and rest assured you would not be bored throughout the session. It can get intense midway through the game so ensure you gear up!


5. The Escape Room


The fastest way to get everyone communicating is through team building games such as the escape room. Each team will encounter a problem which is the puzzle that needs to be solved. Along the way, you would need to find hidden clues and objects that will lead to the missing key. The key needs to be found in order for you to escape the room. It may sound like a simple game but it sure is harder than it seems. Some teams might not even find the key within the stipulated time. However, being able to escape or not is not final. Learning about teamwork, leadership, and patience is what makes this experience worth it.


6. Go Karting


Racing is a unique hobby and something that you do not get to do on a daily basis in Singapore. This is an opportunity for you to make go karting as your next team building game! Being able to race up to 50km per hour against your colleagues is going to thrill the adrenaline junkie out of you. Challenge each other as you drift and zoom on the racecourse in a 200 cc 5.5 horsepower racecar. It is going to be competitive and challenging. But above all, it will leave you with an experience that you will remember for a lifetime!

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