5 Tips for Playing Combat Archery Tag

March 14, 2018


If you are new to Combat Archery Tag, or even archery, fret not! It is a fun and exciting game where players get to shoot at their opponents with foam-tipped arrows and the first team to be eliminated loses. This easy game requires a relatively high level of energy and competitiveness for players to have fun and enjoy the game. Considering trying out Combat Archery Tag? Here are 5 tips for playing Combat Archery Tag to get the best experience.


1. Don’t go all out in the first few games

Combat Archery Tag may seem easy, but once you are in it, it is definitely tiring. You have to multitask – run, shoot, dodge, and look around constantly. But don’t go all out in your first few games because if you become too tired, you can’t keep up with the next few games. ‘Ration’ your energy properly and you will be able to last the whole hour!



2. Don’t hide behind the bunkers all the time

Although hiding behind the bunkers prevents you from getting shot, you are not getting anywhere. And you might even be dragging your team down! Try to go out and eliminate your opponents and you never know, you might actually eliminate most of them with your hidden talent!


3. Never run out of arrows

The number 1 rule in Combat Archery Tag. No arrow, no attack. If you ever run out of arrows, or if your opponent has all the arrows, the only thing you can do is to try and dodge from the arrows to defend yourself. Always make an effort to ensure that you have a few arrows on the side of your court to ensure that you can go on the offensive when your opponents are distracted.


4. Be vigilant

Always be vigilant and keep a lookout of your surroundings. Your opponent might shoot from somewhere behind a bunker and eliminate you. If you happen to see a distracted opponent, take the chance to eliminate them!


5. Safety first!

Definitely the most important tip in playing Combat Archery Tag. Safety is our player’s utmost priority and you should always keep your mask on at all times even when you are hiding behind a bunker to protect your face. There are always minor risks involved but taking the necessary precautionary measures would definitely reduce those risks.

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