Complete Beginner’s Guide to Planning an Awesome Team Building Event

April 25, 2018


Planning your team’s next team building event? Don’t know where to start? No worries! Our complete beginner’s guide to planning an awesome team building event would get you started off the right track!


1. What do you want to accomplish?


Is there a specific aim for your teambuilding event? Were you tasked to improve something in your team? Always have a goal in mind what you intend to accomplish through the team building event to make it an awesome one!


2. Budget + Location


Budget is very important especially if the event will be limited by budget. Having a budget would actually limit your location choices for the event. Always try to have the event out of office to take away the pressure of the office and for everyone to truly enjoy and have fun! Having locations that fit in your budget helps you to plan much better and to be able to spend more on the event or activity itself!


3. When?


Choosing timing for the event is equally important too! If the date is flexible, make sure that everyone in your team can make it for the event. It is very important that no one feels left out from the activity as that might actually cause the event to adversely affect the team instead. Try to fit everyone’s schedules in and choose you’re the date wisely.


4. Choose a unique and special activity!


Having a new and unique activity would bring novelty to the team building event, making everyone much more excited about it! Activities like Combat Archery Tag and Laser Tag are a few special activities that are suitable for team building and bonding with everyone!


5. No job titles or rankings


Leave these job titles and rankings in the office! When you are out of the office for a teambuilding event, there should be no job titles involved to allow the teambuilding event to be a success. People are known to drop their guard and communicate at a more personal level when not being bossed around. This is definitely the perfect time for bosses to know more about their team!


6. Ask for feedbacks!


Even if you are not the one who will be planning the next team building event, always try to ask for feedbacks a few days after the event to find out how the event went for your team and what they felt could do better. These information can be passed down to the next planner who would then be able to improve and organise another good event, or even better!

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