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Archery Tag Singapore is The Most Epic Team Building Game Ever [2024]

Archery Tag
Archery Tag

Are you currently planning a corporate team building session but have no idea which team building game would suit your company the most? Do you feel that your company hosts the most boring team building games ever? We heard you.

Combat Archery Tag Singapore is one of the best and most unique team building games out there. You don’t even need to be skilled in archery to claim the victory title or let alone, play it. This high energy and adrenaline-pumping team building game is perfect for corporate team building, birthday parties or just a simple gathering. Still not convinced? We have created the Ultimate Guide on Combat Archery Tag in Singapore to help you plan your next awesome Combat Archery Tag Singapore event!

Here is a summary of topics we will be covering in this Combat Archery Tag Singapore guide:

Brief History of Archery

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Archery is a sport that has been played over many decades, and its purpose has evolved in leaps and bounds. From using a bow in war combat to using a bow as a sport in the Olympics, many people have started learning the art of archery. How did archery come about in the past? Who invented archery?

Archery dates back all the way to the Stone Age (around 20 000BC), but Egyptians were the earliest known people to adopt the bow and arrow, while in China, archery was used during the Shang Dynasty in wars. In the past, bows and arrows were used commonly as a weapon in wars and even hunting.

In the 1300s, archery became so important in England that there was a royal decree that made it compulsory for all Englishmen to practice archery on Sundays and public holidays! The development of firearms gradually overtook the bow and arrow as the main choice of weapon in wars, which caused the usage of the bow and arrow to be declined significantly.

However, there were still many who practiced the art of archery, and generations after generations, the skill was passed. There were many people who also started taking up archery as a hobby, and archery was first introduced in the Olympic games in 1900 during the Paris Olympics. It was contested for a few Olympic games after, but it was dropped after the 1920 Olympics due to the large disparity in the rules. Luckily, it was brought back in the 1972 Olympics and has not left since.

Archery has impacted many of our lives both directly and indirectly – many people are taking up this traditional sport, and the media has portrayed archery in many ways. Green Arrow, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and Robin Hood are a few great examples of archery being portrayed in the media. Many people have been inspired by these characters to pick up archery, especially after The Hunger Games was released in 2012.

Archery is being practiced widely as a recreational and competitive sport and many variations of it are now being played, including combat archery. Nevertheless, archery has evolved over the years since historic times, and it would definitely continue to evolve in the future.

What is Combat Archery Tag Singapore?

Over the years, Archery Tag Singapore has grown in popularity among corporate companies and even students for their team building event. It is no secret they everybody loves this game as it is unique and extremely exciting. A combination of paintball, dodgeball and archery, Combat Archery Tag is a fun and exciting game where players get to shoot at their opponents with foam-tipped arrows. Although it sounds dangerous, Combat Archery Tag is nothing of the sort. The arrows used are all foam-tipped to ensure a 100% painless experience. Face masks and protective equipment are also provided to prevent any unwanted casualties.

Why is Combat Archery Tag Singapore the Best Team Building Game

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Combat Archery Tag is a thrilling team building activity that promises to deliver an exciting and action-packed experience and offers many team building benefits for companies. The team building qualities developed from our Combat Archery Tag games can be advantageous for the workplace environment.

1. Communication

We can’t stress enough on how communication is essential in our everyday lives. It doesn’t only apply to work. More often than not, we experience miscommunication because certain messages aren’t delivered correctly or we simply refuse to communicate. In the game of combat archery tag, you’re forced to communicate with your team members. You would unconsciously start a conversation with the person next to you or even exchange smiles. We’d like to think that that’s a form of communication too. When you work as a team, there’s a mutual feeling of wanting the best and to win the game.

2. Teamwork

There’s no “I” in “We” as obvious as it may seem. There’s bound to be that one person in the office who loves working alone even if it’s a group project. That’s not the case when you start playing Combat Archery tag Singapore. Yes, it’s true that everyone would be shooting at their opponents individually.

This comes with a small form of teamwork. For instance, you could be busy shooting at your opponent without realising an arrow coming towards you. Sure your partner won’t have the heart to see you get attacked and out of the game. They’ll notify you quick enough so you can dodge the arrow before it hits you. Your team ganging up against your opponent and shooting endlessly is also teamwork!

3. Breaking Barriers

We know that it’s a constant war zone in the office on a daily. With Combat Archery Tag Singapore, it’s a FRIENDLY war zone. Break away from all seriousness and professionalism that you have in the office. Just be yourself and learn to have fun! You can go ahead and aim at anyone and shoot as many times possible. Or you could do so until you leave the pitch feeling all contented and no one’s going to blame you for aiming at them.

This, in away, is a great form of team building as you’re able to break the ice and at least get to know someone new in the office. It could be someone that you’ve been afraid to talk to for a long time but with the help of games like Combat Archery Tag Singapore, you’re able to open up and make friends!

4. Precision is Key

Combat archery tag may seem like a simple game for many. After all, it’s just holding the bow on one hand and shooting the arrow on the other. How hard can it be? Well, don’t speak too soon until you’ve tried it yourself! You’ll learn that not being precise with shooting your arrows will cause it to go haywire. Furthermore, if you can’t aim well, you’re not able to attack the person that you’ve been eyeing on. Thus, accuracy matters. Likewise, you need to be precise when doing your work back in the office and only then can you produce the best work to your boss!

5. Best Workout

A company that works out together stays together. Never fear if you haven’t got the time to clock in your workout. You’re able to sweat just as much with Combat Archery Tag Singapore. Work on your arms strength with the bow and arrows in hand and also stamina as you go around running to collect arrows and dodging them. The best part is not even noticing that it’s actually a form of workout because you’ll be busy having too much fun! No regrets for choosing Combat Archery Tag Singapore as one of your team building games!

Different Types of Combat Archery Tag Singapore Games

Archery Tag

1. The Domination

Domination is the most classic game of all time and it is the easiest to pick up too. The objective of this game is to tag as many players from the opposing team and have them eliminated. It is considered a tag when the arrow with foam tip hits any part of your body, clothing, or mask. However, it is best to avoid tagging someone on the head. The winning team belongs to the one with the most number of players left on the pitch.

2. The Revival

The revival game is played similar to domination but with additional rules. The concept of eliminating the most number of players from the opposing team remains in the game. Once your friend gets tagged, he or she will step out of the pitch until someone revives them. The steps to revive your teammate are pretty simple. There will be 2 foam boards placed in the middle of the pitch and each team will own one. Shoot a foam board out and you will be able to revive one of your teammates back into the game. If there are 2 teammates out then you simply have to knock down 2 foams.

Before starting the game, you might want to strategise ways to win your opponent. Tip: knock down your opponent’s foams so that they won’t be able to revive their teammates when they’re tagged.

3. The Last King

The title of the game speaks for the objective of the game. There will be 4 members in each team and 1 appointed King. With the exception of the Kings, everyone else will have a bow in possession. The Kings will put on 3 bibs to represent the 3 lives that they have in the game. On the other hand, archers only have 1 life so you cannot risk getting tagged by your opponent. Each team will have 5 foams that are placed in the middle of the pitch at the start.

The King’s job is to basically get the foams back into their boards. The first team to fill up the board or gets their opponent’s King eliminated will win the game! Be very careful of your enemies and protect your King at all cost.

4. Mission Impossible

Believe it or not, mission is still possible in this game. Each penalty box will have a padlock that contains a bomb. Your team will need to figure out the code to unlock the padlock before claiming victory. There will be 4 numbers placed on the pitch for you to test the correct combination. It is a trial and error game so everyone needs to get his or her head in the game. Truth to be told, the game is not as simple as that.

You will still go around tagging your opponents. This game also gives you the freedom to cross over to your opponent’s base but you cannot tag them in that moment. The winning team goes to the first team who manages to unlock the padlock and “diffuse” the bomb!

Tips for Playing Combat Archery Tag Singapore

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During the game briefing, there won’t be much time for you to ask the facilitators on the best strategy to play Combat Archery Tag Singapore. Most of the time will be used to teach you on how to hold the bows and arrows, especially if you’re a new player. So here are 10 tips for you to follow when playing Combat Archery Tag Singapore:

1. Be The First

Don’t be the first to start shooting arrows at your opponent. Neither do you run around aimlessly trying to aim one of your opponents. You’re only going to tire yourself out fast. With each game lasting for 5 minutes, it’s going to feel like a full body workout at the gym. Observe, pace, and shoot! After all, this game is about stamina – from running around with the bow, and coming up with a good strategy.

2. Get The Right Zone

A game of revival requires you to punch out a foam board to revive a member from your team after being tagged. You may think that it’s much simpler to go closer to the board to remove the foam. However, you don’t realise that by doing that you’re only giving more opportunity for your opponent to attack you. Try aiming from the middle back zone of your play area. With much practice, you’re sure to get it right!

3. Collect The Arrows

In whatever you do, remember to always have sufficient arrows by your side! In a combat archery game, not everyone would be playing as the shooter. Get at least 1 or 2 of your team members to be the “collector” of the arrows while the remaining continues attacking the opponent. Don’t worry, there are sure to be plenty of arrows around your safe zone. Even if someone were to shoot you, it’ll be worth it because you’ve a collection of the arrows!

4. Catch The Arrows

Catch the arrows! It would really save time and yourself from getting attacked if you’re able to catch the arrows coming your way. If you have a team member who’s good at catching things, they can be the one doing this job.

5. Move Around

The first thing that comes to your mind when the arrows start shooting is to hide behind the bunkers. It’s alright to do so while you prepare yourself to get back at your opponent with more arrows. However, you can’t stay hidden for too long. Experienced archers may still find their way around the bunkers to tag you. Try moving around in the middle and back zones to confuse your opponent of where to aim. If you happen to spot arrows heading towards your teammate’s direction, you could try catching them too! Then place them behind the bunkers where your teammates are preparing to attack your opponent.

6. Strategise

Before starting the game, your team should strategise on how to protect your foam board. It determines your live in the game and it could help with your revival! Here’s the deal: when the whistle blows, target your opponent’s foam board. That way they won’t be able to revive their players when they get shot. This also means that you have more members in your team to finish up the game.

7. Hydrate Yourself

Grab your 1.5 litre water bottle along! Running around and dodging for 10 minutes can tire you out. Especially when you also have a mask on. Drink up in between games to recharge and come back stronger in the pitch.

8. Focus

Always be wary of your surroundings. Sometimes you focus too much on trying to get back at your opponent that you can get knocked down by another one. So keep your eyes wide open and don’t let your opponent have an opportunity to tag you!

9. Wear Your Mask

Definitely the most important tip in playing Combat Archery Tag. Safety is our player’s utmost priority and you should always keep your mask on at all times even when you are hiding behind a bunker to protect your face. There are always minor risks involved but taking the necessary precautionary measures would definitely reduce those risks.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Regular practice of Combat Archery Tag Singapore will make you a better player. Continue working with a team that’s able to build on your strengths. You’ll have better chances at winning more Combat Archery Tag Singapore games!

11. Multitasking

Combat Archery Tag Singapore may seem easy, but once you are in it, it is definitely tiring. You have to multitask – run, shoot, dodge, and look around constantly. But don’t go all out in your first few games because if you become too tired, you can’t keep up with the next few games. ‘Ration’ your energy properly and you will be able to last the whole hour!

Best Archery Tag Locations in Singapore

Over the years, Archery Tag Singapore has grown in popularity among corporate companies and even students for their team building event. It is no secret they everybody loves this game as it is unique and extremely exciting. If you are looking for venues to hold this game, keep your peeled on this list, as we will be introducing you 5 best outdoor archery tag locations in Singapore!

1. Hyperspace

A new space in the scene, Hyperspace is the leading event space provider in Singapore; offering an open and spacious event space at a whopping 3,000 square feet. Flexible and adaptable to accommodate small groups of 10 to 150 pax depending on configuration, Hyperspace is the ideal setting for your next Archery Tag session and more! From corporate team building events to intimate birthday parties, the wide range of amenities available will surely be enough to keep you and your guests entertained throughout the night!

2. The Fun Empire HQ

The Fun Empire offers a versatile air-conditioned room that can be customised to meet your party’s requirements. If you are looking to host a archery tag session near town, this would make an excellent choice given that is it only 10 minutes away from the city! It is fully equipped with tables, chairs, and restrooms.

3. Premier Pitch @ Turf City

Premier Pitch at Turf City is a perfect location for those who prefer having a quiet environment with no disruptions from the public. They provide two types of pitches – sheltered and non-sheltered! We would recommend taking sheltered pitches for your Combat Archery Tag Singapore as it guarantees that the games are still on despite rainy weather.

There are shower facilities here as well for you to freshen up after a tiring game. Though it might be quite a walk from the Sixth Avenue MRT station, it will be worthwhile! Those driving in need not worry about parking spaces as they have plenty of open parking lots for your vehicle.

4. The Cage @ Kallang

Cage @ Kallang might ring a bell to many as it is a popular location for friendly futsal matches. Besides that, it is also one of the locations where most of our games such as archery tag are held. Unlike other locations, Cage @ Kallang is private with each pitch standing on its own building.

Despite being fully sheltered, there is still great ventilation with huge ceiling fans installed and opened windows. Plus, you can blast your music throughout your event as they provide a sound system too. Similar to the above location, Cage @ Kallang also provides shower facilities! After a session of Combat Archery Tag Singapore, you can head over to nearby malls such as Kallang Wave Mall and Kallang Leisure Park to grab some food.

5. Futsal Arena @ Yishun

Instead of travelling far to other pitches, Futsal Arena @ Yishun is recommended to those staying in the North. The futsal arena is conveniently located right next to the bus interchange, which is just a 10-minute walk from Yishun MRT. The pitches here are big, sheltered, and have ample space for you to run about for the Combat Archery Tag Singapore games.

On top of that, great ventilation is ensured as there are ceiling fans and frequent winds. Sweaty and all sticky from the games? Take a shower. Worried about your car? Not to fret, the parking lots are located right in front of the pitches. Once the event is done, head over to the newly renovated Northpoint City shopping mall and get your tummies full.

6. Parks

If you love playing around nature, parks are the way to go. We have parks located around Singapore such as East Coast Park, Punggol Park, For Canning Park, and Sengkang Riverside Park. We ensure that the parks chosen are safe to play at without compromising on the fun of archery tag. Take your pick and we will bring our games to you!

7. Your Preferred Location

These are just some of the partnered venues. However, some of you might want to play Archery Tag Singapore at your own locations. It is possible! As we are a 100% mobile operation, we can bring archery tag to you! Just let us know your preferred location and prepare to have an enjoyable time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Combat Archery Tag Singapore Be Played Anywhere?

Indoors? Outdoors? You take your pick! If you have a backyard big enough to accommodate to 10 people for each game, then it’s on. What about playing it by the beach? Possible too! Maybe being under the sun is not really your thing and you would prefer staying indoors. Fret not! We have 2 sheltered locations on standby and they are the futsal courts. Not only that, the courts also serves as a back up plan for rainy days. The game is always on, anytime and anywhere!

2. Is Combat Archery Tag Singapore Safe?

Unlike competitive archery, combat archery tag is safer. The arrows used for competitive archery will pierce through the board. As for Combat Archery Tag Singapore, we use arrows that are covered with foam at the tip. We’ve tried playing with it and it’s a guarantee that nothing will pierce through your body in the game of combat archery.

Furthermore, each person will be given a mask to wear so that your faces will be protected. You are able to see through the mask, as it is clear on your eye level. It’s also not suffocating with holes near your nostril, allowing some form of ventilation. Remember to inhale and exhale while you’re playing the game!

3. Do We Have To Remove Our Spectacles?

The rule of combat archery doesn’t include that those wearing spectacles can’t play the game. Truth is, you still can! It’s also alright if you wear your spectacles while you have the mask on. However, we would recommend removing your spectacles only if you’re able to still see without them on. Just so that you won’t feel as though there’s another object blocking you from a clear vision of what’s ahead. It’s best if you could wear contact lenses during the game! No fuss and definitely saves time!

4. What Skills Are Required For Combat Archery Tag Singapore?

Perhaps you’re not too good at aiming the centre of a board. Who knows you might be better at aiming actual humans? You never know until you try playing combat archery! It’s the only exception where you can target your colleague without looking too aggressive. The key to combat archery is to be precise when you’re shooting.

Don’t aim too high, but not too low either. Keep a lookout for your target, aim at the right person, and shoot quickly! At times, you’ll miss the shot because your opponent dodges very fast. Collect the arrows that you see lying on the floor and prepare to attack. Just remember to aim at the upper body and not elsewhere!

5. Is Combat Archery Tag Singapore Suitable For Corporates?

There are several games that you can play with combat archery. For every game, there are different purposes that each team will fulfil. This includes working on their communication skills, strategising, leadership, teamwork, and more. Each group would come up with a plan and the leaders would delegate the roles of each player.

For instance, having a bow and arrow in hand doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be shooting at the same time. Some could be hiding behind the bunkers and while they remain hidden, their partner could be collecting the arrows that are coming their way or those on the floor.

Every member in your team counts and you have to ensure that all of them have the same goal in mind. Be it to win or shoot as many people down. After all, teamwork makes the dream work! Don’t forget to have fun since it’s a healthy competition!
Any other questions about Combat Archery Tag Singapore? Feel free to ask if you have any questions! We look forward to hosting your event at The Fun Empire.