The Complete Guide to Combat Archery Tag

August 28, 2017



During the game briefing, there won’t be much time for you to ask the facilitators on the best strategy to play combat archery tag. Most of the time will be used to teach you on how to hold the bows and arrows, especially if you’re a new player. Some of you have even requested to do test shooting to get comfortable with the weapon. Only then can you can give your best in the game. But before you could proceed to ask the facilitators for strategies, it’s already time to start the game!


So here are 10 tips for you to follow when playing combat archery tag:


Combat Archery Tag Tip #1

Don’t be the first to start shooting arrows at your opponent. Neither do you run around aimlessly trying to aim one of your opponents. You’re only going to tire yourself out fast. With each game lasting for 5 minutes, it’s going to feel like a full body workout at the gym. Observe, pace, and shoot! After all, this game is about stamina – from running around with the bow, and coming up with a good strategy.


Combat Archery Tag Tip #2

A game of revival requires you to punch out a foam board to revive a member from your team after being tagged. You may think that it’s much simpler to go closer to the board to remove the foam. However, you don’t realise that by doing that you’re only giving more opportunity for your opponent to attack you. Try aiming from the middle back zone of your play area. With much practice, you’re sure to get it right!


Combat Archery Tag Tip #3

In whatever you do, remember to always have sufficient arrows by your side! In a combat archery game, not everyone would be playing as the shooter. Get at least 1 or 2 of your team members to be the “collector” of the arrows while the remaining continues attacking the opponent. Don’t worry, there are sure to be plenty of arrows around your safe zone. Even if someone were to shoot you, it’ll be worth it because you’ve a collection of the arrows!


Combat Archery Tag Tip #4

Catch the arrows! It would really save time and yourself from getting attacked if you’re able to catch the arrows coming your way. If you have a team member who’s good at catching things, they can be the one doing this job.


Combat Archery Tag Tip #5

The first thing that comes to your mind when the arrows start shooting is to hide behind the bunkers. It’s alright to do so while you prepare yourself to get back at your opponent with more arrows. However, you can’t stay hidden for too long. Experienced archers may still find their way around the bunkers to tag you. Try moving around in the middle and back zones to confuse your opponent of where to aim. If you happen to spot arrows heading towards your teammate’s direction, you could try catching them too! Then place them behind the bunkers where your teammates are preparing to attack your opponent.


Combat Archery Tag Tip #6

Before starting the game, your team should strategise on how to protect your foam board. It determines your live in the game and it could help with your revival! Here’s the deal: when the whistle blows, target your opponent’s foam board. That way they won’t be able to revive their players when they get shot. This also means that you have more members in your team to finish up the game.


Combat Archery Tag Tip #7

Grab your 1.5litre water bottle along! Running around and dodging for 10 minutes can tire you out. Especially when you also have a mask on. Drink up in between games to recharge and come back stronger in the pitch.


Combat Archery Tag Tip #8

Always be wary of your surroundings. Sometimes you focus too much on trying to get back at your opponent that you can get knocked down by another one. So keep your eyes wide open and don’t let your opponent have an opportunity to tag you!


Combat Archery Tag Tip #9

While having fun, don’t forget about your safety! Have your mask on at all times even if you’re resting by the sideline after getting tagged. You wouldn’t want to come home with an injury as a souvenir.


Combat Archery Tag Tip #10

Regular practice of combat archery tag will make you a better player. Continue working with a team that’s able to build on your strengths. You’ll have better chances at winning more combat archery games!


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