The Complete Combat Archery Guide For Corporate Team Building

January 3, 2018



Are you currently planning a corporate team building session but have no idea which activity would suit your company the most? Do not fret, as this guide will list everything you need to know about Combat Archery, one of the most popular games for corporate team building.


1. Why Combat Archery?          


Combat Archery Tag is a thrilling team building activity that requires you to shoot your enemies and their target with arrows. Although it sounds dangerous, Combat Archery is nothing of the sort. The arrows used are all foam-tipped to ensure a painless experience. Face masks and protective equipment are also provided to prevent any unwanted casualties. In fact, safety and hygiene is not a cause for worry at all, as the equipment are safety tested, and even cleaned and disinfected after every game! Most importantly, Combat Archery has tons of benefits for your team! The game will promote teamwork and coordination among team members, as they have to work together towards a common goal. Furthermore, team members have to communicate effectively within a short period of time, thus you can trust that the game will enhance communication among players! A game of Combat Archery also allows you to have a glimpse of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the role each player is most suited for. This translates to work performance in the office, where you can assign team members to roles they are best at in order to fulfil your team’s potential.


2. Best Locations For Combat Archery


Take a pick from our various partner venues including MND @ Tanjong Pagar, The Cage @ Kallang, Futsal Arena @ Yishun, Premier Pitch @ Turf City, and Kovan Sports Centre! These locations are all sheltered, so get ready for your game be it rain or shine! If you need to head off to somewhere else right after the session, all our partner venues also have shower spaces available for you to freshen yourself up first. Should you have another location in mind, do not hesitate to let us know and we can bring an exciting game of Combat Archery Tag right to you!


3. Best Games For Combat Archery


The Domination


This is a simple game which requires you to eliminate as many enemies as possible while minimising casualties on your team to emerge victorious!


The Revival


Similar to The Domination, this game requires you to eliminate your enemies, but in a setting where you’re a Royal Archer who needs to protect your kingdom. However, there’s a twist involved! You are able to heal members on the same team and vice versa, making it harder to win the game!


The Last King


In this game, players need to fight for their team to be the last monarch. To win the game, you simply have to eliminate the opposing team’s King!


4. Best Package For Combat Archery


Duration: Minimum 1 hour

Minimum Group Size:  8 - 10 pax

Trainers: 2 per equipment set

1 equipment set includes:

10 sets of bows & arrows

Foam boards & bunkers


Add-ons: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport

Should you require a custom team building package, get in touch with The Fun Empire now for a free quotation!

Duration: min. 1 Hour

Min. Group Size:  8 - 10 pax

Trainers: 2 per equipment set


1 equipment set includes:
10 sets of bows & arrows

foam boards & bunkers




Kovan / The Cage @ Kallang /

Mobile Set-Up available


Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport 





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